La Barra de Quimbaya

At La Barra de Quimbaya, with prior reservation, you can enjoy a tapas menu, signature cocktails, rums, gins and Colombian spirits, Club Colombia beer, refajos, aromatic drinks and the best coffee in the world, the one from our land.

Bar Charter

Colombian Coffee

Olleta Coffee


Typical preparation of Colombian red coffee. Made with 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia, ecological, natural roasting and artisanal process produced by the Association of Women Coffee Growers of Cauca.

V60 & Chemex


Exclusive coffee filtering methods. Made with 100% Arabica coffee from Colombia, organic, natural roast and artisan process produced by the Association of Women Coffee Growers of Cauca.

Colombian Aromatics

Aromatic of tropical fruits and aromatic herbs


Infusion of strawberries, passion fruit, mint and lemongrass.


Walk through the Savannah


Aguardiente, cape gooseberry, lemon and turmeric.

Los Nevados Park


Gin, vermouth, coffee, lemon and camomile honey.



Rum, tomaseca, panela, colombiana and mint.

Llanero Sunset


Tequila, corn, mango, passoa, turmeric and lime.

Guaro Tonic


Perfect blend of eau-de-vie and tonic flavoured with cape gooseberry and rosemary.

Anima Bichera


Biche Mano de Buey, tequila, white vermouth, pineapple.

Beers & Refreshments

Club Colombia


Premium golden lager recognised with several gold medals at the Monde Selection in Belgium.

Mahou 5 Stars


A golden beer with a creamy, consistent head, a moderate, fine flavour and a fruity aroma.

Mahou OO Toast


Toasted in colour with golden highlights, it is smooth on the palate with malty, caramel and coffee flavours, slightly dry and with a light acidity.

Refajo Classic


Traditional Colombian cocktail made with beer, "Colombiana"soft drink and aguardiente.

Colombian spirits


4.00 / 8.00

Made with extra neutral spirits, natural aniseed essences and carbon filter-treated water with or without sugar.


4.00 / 8.00

No added sugar, light anise seed aroma, hint of sweet spices, dry and silky body, smooth aromatic experience and light aftertaste.

XS Glass

4.00 / 8.00

A blend of fine, natural essential oils of aniseed and fennel, made with water from our own springs, treated and microfiltered.

Manzanares Yellow

5.00 / 10.00

Formula based on the best use of gorobeta cane, aniseed grown on the Guadalupe hill and pure water from the source of the Santodomingo river; its colour is as vibrant as the sun and its taste is fresh and aromatic.

Desquite Artesanal

5.00 / 10.00

Made with water that comes down from the mountains of the Tablazo moor and botanicals offered by the mountain, virgin organic sugar cane honeys and natural anise flower. Subtle notes of honey and vanilla. On the palate anise and citrus peel.

Antioquian REAL

5.00 / 10.00

Smooth and aniseed aroma which is enhanced by the vanilla from the American oak barrels where it rests. Smooth and warm on the palate.

Antioqueño Centenario

6.00 / 12.00

Made with extra neutral spirits and natural essences of aniseed, high purity refined sugar and drinking water treated by charcoal filters, slightly sweet and slightly sweet alcoholic notes which together give it a delicious and pleasant characteristic taste.

Red Gold Cap

6.00 / 12.00

Homage to the ancestral culture of the indigenous peoples of Tolima. Finely distilled with light citrus and anise notes.

A Thousand Demons

8.00 / 16.00

Triple Premium liqueur distilled in Colombia, which takes up the ancestral formula of this mystical brew to whose charms and pleasures the viceroys, Indians, mulattos and Creoles who made use of the arrival of sugar cane on the Colombian Atlantic Coast succumbed in their time.


10.00 / 20.00

A sophisticated brandy created with a careful selection of sugar cane from the Cauca Valley.
Aged in Colombian oak barrels.
Subtly sweet on the palate, with a floral touch of Pimpinella anise.


10.00 / 20.00

Handcrafted with water from the Parque de los Nevados. In the mouth, soft natural aniseed, vanilla, cinnamon and bergamot, plus a citrus and white flowers finish to the nose, which is presented in a blue box.

Colombian Gins

Colombian Orthodoxy


Premium gin whose initial aroma comes from juniper, angelica, mint, lemon and pepper. Secondary aromas are cinnamon, cranberry and ginger. On the palate, the gin is flavoursome, smooth, yet bittersweet with the astringency of classic gin.

Colombian Treasure


Premium gin based on the fruit of an exclusive Colombian lemon mandarin that combines the exotic sweetness of mandarin and the acidity of lemon to provide a fantastic balance. To give it an extraordinary smoothness, it is placed in oak casks previously used to age Dictador rums.



It is the first London Dry gin in Colombia, produced in the Colombian Caribbean, fruit of the generosity of the Colombian rainforest and its variety. In the production process, 14 different botanicals are carefully selected using the highest quality standards.

Colombian Rums

Viejo De Caldas 3 years

4.00 / 8.00

Amber colour with light golden reflections. Slightly fruity aroma, notes of caramel and wood. Round, harmonious, smooth and balanced on the palate.

Viejo De Caldas White Oak

4.50 / 9.00

Made with virgin cane honey, stored in Colombian white oak barrels. It has a sweet, caramelized and fruity aroma.

Viejo De Caldas 5 years

4.50 / 9.00

Amber colour. Aromas of almonds, caramel, vanilla and wood. On the palate soft notes reminiscent of sugar cane and dried fruits.

Viejo De Caldas 8 years

6.00 / 12.00

Amber colour. Sweet, caramel and fruity aroma. It is the result of a combination of cane honey distilled in pure rainforest water, aged in oak barrels.

Viejo De Caldas 15 years

7.50 / 15.00

Intense amber colour. Aromas of tobacco, toast and black pepper. Creamy, sweet and deep on the palate with notes of vanilla, nuts and toast.

Medellín 3 years

4.00 / 8.00

Obtained by the distillation of fermented musts derived from sugar cane, in oak barrels, in order to obtain the aroma and flavor that characterize it. Its aging is natural and guaranteed for a minimum of three years.  

Medellín 8 years

5.00 / 10.00

Dark golden colour, excellent quality and intense aroma. Uniform flavour, smooth and mellow with its own personality, character and good body.

Medellín 12 years

6.00 / 12.00

Gran Reserva. Dark brown colour resulting from natural ageing in oak barrels. With its own personality and good body, it has a very fine, round and delicate flavour on the palate.

Medellín 19 years Gran Solera

13.00 / 25.00

Gran Reserva. Dark brown colour resulting from natural ageing in oak barrels. With its own personality and good body, it has a very fine, round and delicate flavour on the palate.

Dictator 12 years

7.00 / 14.00

Intense amber colour with reddish tones. The nose is intense, with aromas and flavours of soft caramel, honey, cocoa and lightly roasted coffee giving way to aromas of medium oak.

Dictator 20 years

9.00 / 18.00

Intense amber colour with red and brown tones. Intense on the nose, very smooth and round on the palate, full of caramel, vanilla, cocoa, roasted coffee and smoked honey flavours.

Dictator XO Insolent - Silver

13.00 / 25.00

Deep, noble mahogany sheen, with an unforgettable colour in the glass. Aroma that mesmerises. Extremely smooth on the palate with a range of exquisite flavours starting with fudge, intense vanilla, impeccable caramel and Colombian coffee.

Dictator XO Perpetual - Gold

13.00 / 25.00

Deep and noble mahogany brown, incredibly dark and golden colours, exceptional brilliance and richness in the glass. Hypnotic aroma. Extremely smooth on the palate with sweet sugar, parfait, sweet Colombian coffee, bitter chocolate.

Dictator Café

5.00 / 10.00

Aged in oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon, it is filtered through Colombian arabica coffee beans that provide a vast and deep flavour.

Dictator Orange

5.00 / 10.00

Aged in oak barrels that have previously contained bourbon, it is then macerated with fresh Colombian orange peels to create a subtle but deep flavour.

Parce 3 years

5.00 / 10.00

Premium gold, aged in bourbon oak barrels, with notes of butter cream, honey, caramel and vanilla.

Parce 8 years

7.00 / 14.00

Smooth yet spicy on the palate with a long, dry finish. The sweeter notes are balanced by hints of tobacco, cocoa powder and oak.

Parce 12 years

9.00 / 17.00

Nuanced flavours between sweet, spicy and the complex finish that includes notes of creme brûlee, caramel, dried fruits and pipe tobacco.

Santafe Nido de Cóndores 12 years old

7.00 / 14.00

Premium cane honeys, fine American woods and patient aging are blended in a premium process of refinement and elaboration. On the palate, caramels and dried fruits appear. Its original name is "Kuntur Maga" which translates in the Chibcha language as "Nest of Condors".

Governor 12 years

7.00 / 14.00

Elegant blend of sweet and savory wood with a touch of cinnamon and ginger. Aromas of smoky wood and a bit of caramel.

La Hechicera Solera 21

12.00 / 25.00

Amber colour with coppery glints. Aromas of oak, tobacco and roasted coffee. Notes of vanilla and orange peel on the palate; smooth, clean, crisp and dry finish.