The Chef's Proposal Tasting Menu

A Tasting Menu at Quimbaya by Edwin Rodríguez is our best way to pay tribute to Colombia, the birthplace of magical realism. Above all, we pay tribute to our joyful people and to the biodiverse land where we were born. In other words, to our entire country because we feel very proud and honoured to share it. Come to QUIMBAYA and enjoy our experience!

Tasting Menu service by reservation from Wednesday to Saturday for lunch from 13:30 to 16:30 & dinner from 20:30 to 23:30; Sundays from 13:30 to 16:30.

The duration of our Tasting Menu experience is estimated at 2 hours and 30 minutes or more depending on the number of people per table.

Tasting Menu Idiosyncrasy

It is a menu of 12 different preparations inspired by the way of thinking, feeling and acting of the different regions of Colombia, which distinguish one from another, but which together represent the values of our people and identify us as Colombians.

Dough & Butter

Arepa santandereana
Crunchy green plantain
Home made butters


Quibbe and pineapple chili
Chivo, ahuyama and shrimp
Salpicón de Baudilia


Bean, pork and avocado Calentao


Prawn ceviche and clean bun
Seafood, chontaduro and borojó


Fish, tucupi and yucca
Beef tenderloin and chiquita mazamorra




Feijoa, almojábana and guava

Bocaditos del Portal de los Dulces (Sweets Portal)

Chef's selection of small sweet bites to end the gastronomic journey through the flavors of Colombia.

*Harmony of Traditional Wines and Fermented Wines and Fermented Wines per person


Menu Idiosyncrasy per person

95,oo€ 95,oo

- This is our next Tasting Menu. It will be launched on Thursday, September 01, 2022 and reservations are available through our website.
- The menu is served to a full table. Due to service logistics it is not possible to serve different menus at the same table.
- The menu does not include drinks.
- The menu is subject to change depending on seasonality and the chef's criteria.
- If a person at the table has any food allergy, intolerance or restriction, it is necessary to inform us at the time of booking in order to make the corresponding adaptations.
- It is not possible to guarantee changes or adaptations to the menu in case of dietary restrictions that are not informed at the time of booking.
- The price is per person and includes 10% VAT.
- The duration of the service of this Tasting Menu is estimated at 2.5 hours in the case of couples or 3.5 hours in the case of groups.
**Pre-booking required with a bank transfer**
(See Cancellation Policy in the Booking section)

Tasting Menu Idiosyncrasy

Inspired by what identifies us as Colombians