The Chef's Proposal Tasting Menu

A Tasting Menu at Quimbaya by Edwin Rodriguez is our best way to pay tribute to Colombia, come and visit us at QUIMBAYA and enjoy our experience!

Our service is Tasting Menu by reservation from Wednesday to Sunday for lunch starting service between 13:30 and 14:30 & Wednesday to Saturday starting service for dinner between 20:30 and 21:30.

The duration of our Tasting Menu experience is estimated at 2 hours and 30 minutes or more depending on the number of people per table.

Tasting Menu Memories

It is a 10-course menu that immerses us in a journey to our memories, to remember the flavors that feed our soul and relive the stories of dishes that express our Colombian identity.

Dough & Butter

Corn bread
Arepa bola
Suero costeño
House butters


Razor shell y coconut
Beef tongue and caper
Oxtail and yucca
Açai and gulupa


Chicken stew


Cheese and shrimp mote


Smoked meat and cassava


Plu with pla


Steak with hogao sauce


Tamarillo and blackberry


Corn porridge and panela

Colombian Sweets

Chef's selection of small sweet bites to end the gastronomic journey through the flavours of Colombia.

Memories Tasting Menu per person 125.oo

*Wines & Traditional Colombian Drinks Pairing per person 70.oo*.

- The season of this Tasting Menu began on Saturday, January 06, 2024.
- Reservations are available through our website.
- The menu does not include drinks.
- Our recommendation to accompany the Memories Tasting Menu is to choose the Wines & Traditional Colombian Drinks Pairing designed exclusively for this menu.
- The menu is subject to change depending on seasonality and the chef's criteria.
- The cuisine we make has its origins in ingredients we can't do withoutbecause they are a substantial part of the identity of Colombian cuisine; therefore, unfortunately, we cannot make any adaptations to the Tasting Menu without coriander, tomato, onion or garlic.
- We do not have a Vegan or Vegetarian Menu option; we only have Pescetarian, Gluten Free, Lactose Free and occasional changes for allergens.
- If any person at the table has allergies, intolerances or food restrictions that are within our reach, it is necessary to inform us at the time of booking in order to make the corresponding adaptations.
- It is not possible to guarantee changes or adaptations to the menu in case of dietary restrictions that are not informed at the time of booking.
- The price is per person and includes 10% VAT.
- The duration of the service of this Tasting Menu is estimated at 2.5 hours in the case of couples or 3.5 hours in the case of groups.
***Reservation required with a bank imprint**.
**Changes and cancellations maximum 48 hours prior to reservation to avoid charges***
(See Reservations, Changes and Cancellations Policy in the Experience section)

Tasting Menu Memories

Inspired by the flavors that nourish the soul